Walmart oil change coupons

Walmart oil change coupons

Walmart Auto Care Centers produce engine oil changes in three packages: standard, high mileage, and with the use of synthetic oils. The representative office of the company said, that this service is also provided by centers in Louisiana, Texas, New York and Kansas. In addition, absolutely all centers in the United States provide all three types of service to change the oil.

This service at Walmart Centers varies by state and region, but the price for services is still included within certain limits. For example, for a synthetic oil change, you need to pay from 40 to 50 dollars, in the case of high-mileage, from 35 to 40 dollars is enough, and the cheapest standard oil change will cost only 25 or $30.
We do not issue coupons or discount cards, we do not have a discount system. But if you buy the basic package, then it will cost only $20, this includes a transmission fluid change, verification of brake fluid, but does not include other services that the standard package provides.
In addition, our company provides a wide range of services, like cleaning the radiator, straightening wheels, checking the brakes, and other services. For more information, you can open the online catalog to familiarize yourself with them.

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An oil change from professional guys

Car Service Walmart has consolidated its position in the market, thanks to the high quality of services at the best prices. As mentioned, you can get the best price to breathe new power into the engine in the region, with the cheapest package at $19.98 and is called the Pit Crew. More complex procedures are more expensive, but it all depends on what kind of package you need, it depends on the car brand, driving style, age of the engine. Our experts can assess the situation and recommend the most relevant package exclusively for your situation. Soon we will go to all points of the Walmart service to compare prices.

What can you get at each Walmart office?

At the cheapest package, you get the service for (5w20, 5w30, or 10w30) engine types with up to 5 liters of oil. Also, the oil filter will be changed, the chassis will be covered with lubricant, after that, our employees will check the condition of the battery, and the air pressure in the wheels.

The Standard package, at a price of $ 29.88, in addition to the above-described services from Pit Crew, also contains a service for complete cleaning of the interior with a vacuum cleaner, after which the car windows will be cleaned using special detergents.

The mechanic of our center will carry out a couple more checks, such as: measuring the liquid level in the barrel for washing glass, the condition of the wipers, the pressure in the wheels, and the working order of the headlights.

In the case of vehicles that have already crossed the 75,000-mile mark, we recommend using the (High Mileage) package, for only $39.88 you get up to 5 liters of semi-synthetic oil and all other services mentioned in the standard package.

And the last Power & Performance package, priced at $49.88, is suitable for cars with a powerful engine since in this case, we use fully synthetic oil. The service is primarily recommended for sportcars and muscle. In addition, you get the rest of the standard package service range.